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Axial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

    The device is an electrolytic capacitor with very longlife and outstanding electrical performance. The device has a polarized all-welded design, tinned copper wire leads, a
negative pole connected to the case, and plastic insulation. Long-life and very high reliability are achieved by dimensioning of the capacitor, careful selection of materials/methods, and discipline in quality control allowing operation up to +125°C/+105°C.
    The device winding is housed in a cylindrical aluminum can, with a high purity aluminum lid and high quality rubber gasket.The sealing system is designed for electrolyte leakage-free operation and a very low gas-diffusion rate of electrolyte.The low ESR is the result of a low resistive electrolyte/paper system and an all-welded design.
• Operating temperature of +125°C and +105°C
• Very long life, up to 27,500 hours at +105°C
• Low ESR
• Low ESL
• Polarized all-welded design
• Outstanding electrical performance
    The device is a high performance axial electrolytic capacitor. Typical applications include smoothing, coupling/decoupling and energy storage in telecommunication,
power supply system, data processing, process control and measuring, where long life and high reliability are of paramount importance.
Environmental Compliance
     All Part Numbers are Reach and RoHS compliant and Halogen-Free. In Europe (RoHS Directive) and in some other geographical areas such as China, legislation has been put in place to prevent the use of some hazardous materials, such as lead (Pb), in electronic equipment. All products in this catalog are produced to help our customers' obligations to guarantee their products and fulfill these legislative requirements. The only material of
concern in our products has been lead (Pb), which has been removed from all designs to fulfill the requirement of containing less than 0.1% of lead in any omogeneous material.
Performance Characteristics

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