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Film Capacitors

    Film capacitors have a low ESR resulting in a much higher ripple current rating without sacrificing capacitance. Film’s high voltage rating are ideal for DC link and high-power applications, while the low ESR, efficient CV, and high voltage rating combination are useful for energy storage and EMI filtering.

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Featured Capacitor Products

SMD Chip Film Capacitor

   SMD Chip Film capacitor for surface mounting.Typical applications include filtering, timing, bypassing, and coupling. LDE is a general purpose series designed for the highest reliability and high temperature service
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Axial Film Capacitor

  The Axial Film capacitor is constructed of metallized polyester film . Axial leads are electrically welded to the contact metal layer on the ends of the capacitor winding. The capacitor is encapsulated in polyester tape wrapping with the thermosetting resin ends filled.
  Typical applications include blocking, coupling, decoupling,
bypassing, and interference suppression in low voltage
applications such as automotive
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CBB Film Capacitor

   This is the most used type of CBB capacitor. It is made of metallized polypropylene film as dielectric and electrode, tinned copper-clad steel wire as conductor, and sealed with flame-retardant epoxy. The role of CBB capacitor: widely used in filtering, noise reduction, pulse, resonance, resistance and capacitance buck circuit. More used in high frequency, high current, high stability of the circuit.
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Safety Film Capacitor

    Safety certified film capacitors are specifically designed for conducted emissions attenuation in AC line filtering applications. The self healing capability of film capacitors makes them a great choice for safety across power lines as well as having internationally recognized safety certifications. These capacitors are well-suited for applications that require keeping potentially disruptive or damaging line transients and EMI out of susceptible equipment.
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Radial Film Capacitor

   The Radial Film capacitor is a polypropylene metallized film
capacitor with a rectangular, plastic box-type design, filled
with resin, and uses 2 or 4 tinned wires.
   Typical applications include DC filtering, DC link, power
electronics, energy storage, renewable energy grid interface,
motor drives, and automotive applications.
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Dual In-Line Film Capacitor

  Dual in-line (DIL) metallized polyester (PET) film capacitor
for surface mounting is encapsulated in a self-extinguishing
 Typical applications include high frequency switched-mode
power supplies, DC/DC converters and input/output filtering.
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