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Polymer Capacitor

    Polymer electrolytic capacitors are characterized by particularly low internal equivalent series resistances (ESR) and high ripple current ratings. Their electrical parameters have similar temperature dependence, reliability and service life compared to solid tantalum capacitors, but have a much better temperature dependence and a considerably longer service life than aluminium electrolytic capacitors with non-solid electrolytes. In general polymer e-caps have a higher leakage current rating than the other solid or non-solid electrolytic capacitors.Polymer electrolytic capacitors are also available in a hybrid construction. The hybrid polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitors combine a solid polymer electrolyte with a liquid electrolyte. These types are characterized by low ESR values but have low leakage currents and are insensitive to transients.
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Featured Capacitor Products

Polymer Chip Aluminum Capacitor

  The Aluminum Organic Capacitor is a solid state aluminum capacitor. The cathode is a conductive organic polymer, which results in very low ESR and improved capacitance retention at a high frequency.The Aluminum Organic Capacitors may be operated at steady state voltages up to100% of rated voltage without the need to de-rate.Since there is no liquid electrolyte, the capacitor offers long operational lifetimes, low ESR and high operational
temperatures. The inherent low ESR renders the capacitor suitable for high ripple current handling.
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Polymer Tantalum Capacitor

    The Tantalum Polymer Capacitors are low-ESR, surface mount capacitors ranging from 1µF - 1000µF capacitance, with operating temperatures from -55°C to +105°C. These capacitors feature molded cases available in multiple case codes with either wraparound or L-shaped, face-down terminations. This tantalum polymer series covers a 2.5VDC to 75VDC voltage rating range and is designed for high-volume manufacturing. The Tantalum Polymer Capacitors are ideal for infrastructure equipment, storage and networking, computer motherboards, smartphones and tablets, decoupling, smoothing, filtering, and more.
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Polymer Radial Aluminum Capacitor

   The Long life radial aluminum electrolytic capacitors are perfect for the LED power supply, waterproof power supply, street lamp power supply and mining lamp power supply,ect.
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Polymer SMD Aluminum Capacitor

   The series of capacitor is an Ultra-High CV Surface-Mount electrolytic capacitor with outstanding electrical performance and high energy storage capability. The device has a polarized all-welded design, tinned copper wire leads, and a negative pole connected to the case. The capacitor's winding is housed in a cylindrical aluminum can with a high purity aluminum lid and high quality rubber gasket. Low ESR is the result of a low resistive electrolyte/paper system and an all-welded design.
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