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We are obsessed with leveraging sustainable material science and smart people to create innovative products that solve customer challenges.
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Today CHISPRI are one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of electronic components. We is well-positioned to propel such timely macroeconomic growth drivers as sustainability, connectivity and mobility. Through R&D, manufacturing, engineering, quality, sales and marketing, we generate the essential components that enable inventors and innovators to create new generations of products—ones that span many sectors: automotive, industrial, consumer, computer, telecommunications, military, aerospace, and medical.
    Together with the manufacturers of today and tomorrow’s most compelling electronic innovations, names you know, we are enabling next level automation in factories, the electrification of the automobile, 5G network technology, and the rapid expansion of connectivity across everything (IoT) to highlight a few areas of strong growth.
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High security, High reliability and small case sizes. Solutions are available for both indoor and outdoor conditions.
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Industrial Application

    From power generation and distribution to factory machinery and automation, CHISPRI offers robust, reliable, and industrial grade components.

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Computer Application

    CHISPRI provides capacitors for DC-DC link, DC and AC filters, snubbers, power factor correction (PFC), and filtering and decoupling. These products are offered for every part of the turbine inverter control system that translates the rotational energy of the blades into electrical power.
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Communication Application

    As technology advances and telecom devices such as smartphones utilizing 5G become commonplace, having the right components to power those devices is essential. CHISPRI capacitors power both existing telecom technologies and innovation for the future of the industry.
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Medical Application

    From large equipment such MRI systems and X-ray machines to small devices such as hearing aids and medical products use capacitors manufactured by CHISPRI. They are used in nerve stimulators, pacemakers, defibrillators, patient monitoring systems, medical instrumentation equipment, blood pressure cuffs, blood glucose meters, and more.
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Lighting Application

    CHISPRI’s products enable efficient designs, crucial to today’s industrial lighting. Our products are utilized in lighting fixtures and in power control systems with a focus on filtering and power conversion of energy sources to drive lighting elements.

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Alternative energy Application

    CHISPRI supports power CHISPRI supports power generation and transmission industries by providing high reliability products for high temperatures . Industrial grade CHISPRI products are also suitable for use in power plant and power transmission technologies, and are available in high temperature, high voltage, and high reliability models.
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In electrical engineering, a capacitor is a device that stores electrical energy by accumulating electric charges on two closely spaced surfaces that are insulated from each other. The capacitor was originally known as the condenser, a term still encountered in a few compound names, such as the condenser microphone. It is a passive electronic component […]
To test an AC capacitor, you’ll need to purchase a multimeter, a tool used to test the voltage, current, and resistance in electrical devices. A multimeter is a small handheld device equipped with a dial, two probes, and a digital display.
Type CBB65 Capacitors (including round, oval, single and dual) are used in motor run, HVAC/R, UPS, refrigerator and other general purpose applications, are designed for continuous operation and are energized the entire time the motor is running.    35uf 5uf 370-440V Dual Run Capacitor CBB65 AC Electric Motor Start HVAC Blower Compressor Furnace 35MFD / 5MFD / CBB65-R […]

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