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Tantalum Hybrid Capacitor

    Tantalum Hybrid capacitors are the most powerful capacitors available. It's a type of capacitor that combines the advantages of two different capacitor types: electrolytic capacitors and electrochemical capacitors. This unique capacitor combines the high cell voltage capability and low resistance of an electrolytic capacitor with the increased energy density of an electrochemical capacitor. The innovative packaging features of the hermetic capacitor minimize non-active components, reducing its size and allowing for reliable assembly. This makes these capacitors ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including power electronics, telecommunications, medical devices, power supply, computer, and electronics applications.
• Operating Temperature Range: -55℃ ~ +125℃ . 
• Capacitance Tolerance: M: ± 20% 
• Storage temperature: -62℃ ~ +130℃
• Laser welding, gas sealing, full tantalum shell
• cylindrical, co directional lead out, large capacity,.
• Large energy density per unit volume, 
• can generate batteries in the energy conversion circuit 
to provide energy storage, power off delay, and
functions for electric claims.

Tantalum hybrid capacitors provide very high power and energy density in devices much smaller and lighter than traditional tantalum wet, tantalum chip, aluminum electrolytic, or ceramic capacitors.
    Typical applications include electronics DC, pulsation and low ripple circuits of electronic equipment with high reliability .
Environmental Compliance
    All Part Numbers are Reach and RoHS compliant and Halogen-Free. In Europe (RoHS Directive) and in some other geographical areas such as China, legislation has been put in place to prevent the use of some hazardous materials, such as lead (Pb), in electronic equipment. All products in this catalog are produced to help our customers' obligations to guarantee their products and fulfill these legislative requirements. The only material of
concern in our products has been lead (Pb), which has been removed from all designs to fulfill the requirement of containing less than 0.1% of lead in any omogeneous material.
Performance Characteristics

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