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Three-terminal Ceramic Filter Capacitor

    Because ESL (residual inductance) and ESR (equivalent series resistance) are extremely small, the self-resonance frequency is high. In comparison with normal two-terminal capacitors, deep insertion loss characteristic is provided to the high frequency area. High capacitance 3-terminal capacitors can support protecting from low frequency ripple noise and high frequency noise (EMI) which normally requires the use several capacitors by one chip. Used for digital circuits of digital appliances, computers, automotive electronics, etc.
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Featured Capacitor Products

Type 3-terrminal

Equivalent circuit

    These Chip Type 3-terrminal capacitors are best for noise reduction of DC Power lines. Technologies of multilayer chip type ceramic capacitors have been applied to this 3-terminal structures, and they support surface mount technlogies. Can use large current priority (A-B input-output ) or high frequency characteristic priority (C-D input-output ) properly based on your needs.
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 4 elements of 3-terminal capacitors

Equivalent circuit

    The series are an array type capacitors which 4 elements of 3-terminal capacitors set inside of one chip of 3216 size. They are effective on cost reduction of mounting and space-saving for 3-terminal capacitors on signal lines. They are designed to control cross talk. The common gland electrode built in a chip ensures complete grounding of all lines at the gland on both ends.
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