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Stacked Tantalum Capacitor

    The Tantalum Stack Electrolytic Capacitor is designed to provide the highest CV (capacitance/voltage) ratings in a surface mount configuration. These capacitors are utilized in stacks of 2, 3, 4, and 6 components to achieve a broad range of capacitance,ESR, and voltage ratings. The series may be operated at steady state voltages up to 90% of rated voltage for part types with rated voltage less than or equal to 10 volts and up to 80% of rated voltage for part types greater than 10 volts. Stacking configurations allow for custom capacitance/voltage solutions and very low ESR options.
• High capacitance
• Surface mountable
• Capacitance values of 20 – 8,000 µF
• Capacitance can be custom specified
• Voltage ratings of 3 – 63 VDC
• High volumetric efficiency
• Ultra low ESR
• Surge capability
• Operating temperature range of −55°C to +105°C/+125˚C
(refer to part number for maximum temperature rating)
• Laser-marked case

The Tantalum Stacks MnO2 (TSM) Series is designed to provide the highest capacitance/voltage ratings in surface mount configuration.
    Typical applications include decoupling, hold-up and filtering in a variety of market segments.They can be utilized in High Power Amplifiers for radars and multiple applications
Environmental Compliance
    RoHS compliant when ordered with 100% Sn solder on both terminations (component and stack)
• Halogen-free
• Epoxy compliant with UL94 V-0
• Molded Epoxy complies for outgassing testing under ASTM E 595.
Performance Characteristics

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