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Industrial Application

   From power generation and distribution to factory machinery and automation, CHISPRI offers robust, reliable, and industrial grade components.
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Power Generation and Transmission

   CHISPRI supports power generation and transmission industries by providing high reliability products for high temperatures and harsh conditions, along with sensors and actuators for monitoring and controlling processes. Industrial grade CHISPRI products are also suitable for use in power plant and power transmission technologies, and are available in high temperature, high voltage, and high reliability models. Benefits include:
●High capacitance/voltage
●High ripple capability
●Elevated temperature performance
●Extended reliability and lifetime
●Vibration resistant
●Flexible footprint configuration
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Alternative Energy

   CHISPRI provides capacitors for DC-DC link, DC and AC filters, snubbers, power factor correction (PFC), and filtering and decoupling. These products are offered for every part of the turbine inverter control system that translates the rotational energy of the blades into electrical power. Benefits include:
●High capacitance-voltage
●Superior noise suppression
●Long life under harsh conditions
●Transient high voltage protection
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Industrial Automation

    Industry 4.0 involves a large increase in the number of sensors, control actuators, wireless and network connectivity, and artificial intelligence. The explosion of electronics throughout Industry 4.0 “smart factories” requires industrial grade components, and CHISPRI is meeting those needs with:
●Growing portfolio of sensors, including piezoelectic actuators and pyroelectric sensors
●Industrial grade product families
●Broad footprint size options
●Diverse component portfolio for EMC
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Industrial Lighting

    CHISPRI’s products enable efficient designs, crucial to today’s industrial lighting. While heavy modernization is underway leaving behind older inefficient implementations and giving way to more modern and energy-saving designs, CHISPRI’s products are well-positioned at the heart of this modernization revolution. Our products are utilized in lighting fixtures and in power control systems with a focus on filtering and power conversion of energy sources to drive lighting elements.
   Products for filtering include:
●Film capacitors
●Ceramic X/Y capacitors
●Flex Suppressor
   Products for power conversion include:
●Multilayer ceramic capacitors
●Film capacitors
● polymer capacitors
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Why Choose Us?

We help their customers build a better tomorrow with the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry.
We have the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry, including an expanding range of electromechanical devices and electromagnetic compatibility solutions.
we help make a wide variety of products possible in the world's most rapidly expanding industries.
we have established a important position for our products via our advanced R&D, technical staff and design-in capabilities.
Our quality objective is zero defects. We provide unparalleled customer service, with 100% on-time
Sustainability is a large part of our culture and we conduct business in a sustainable way, demonstrating our commitment towards the environment, our employees, and the communities where we operate. We are a trusted provider for the transportation, medical, defense, aerospace, industrial, communications, and consumer product industries.

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