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Radial Pin Super Capacitor

     Series Supercapacitors, also known as Electric DoubleLayer Capacitors (EDLCs), are intended for high energy storage applications.
• Wide range of temperature from −40°C to +85°C
• Maintenance free
• Maximum operating voltage of 5.5 VDC
• Highly reliable against liquid leakage
• Lead-free and RoHS compliant
The Series Supercapacitors, also known as Electric DoubleLayer Capacitors (EDLCs), are intended for high energy storage applications.
   Supercapacitors have characteristics ranging from traditional capacitors and batteries. As a result, supercapacitors can be used like a secondary battery when applied in a DC circuit. These devices are best suited for use in low voltage DC hold-up applications such as embedded microprocessor systems with flash memory
Environmental Compliance
    All Part Numbers are Reach and RoHS compliant and Halogen-Free. In Europe (RoHS Directive) and in some other geographical areas such as China, legislation has been put in place to prevent the use of some hazardous materials, such as lead (Pb), in electronic equipment. All products in this catalog are produced to help our customers' obligations to guarantee their products and fulfill these legislative requirements. The only material of
concern in our products has been lead (Pb), which has been removed from all designs to fulfill the requirement of containing less than 0.1% of lead in any omogeneous material.
Performance Characteristics
    Supercapacitors should not be used for applications such as ripple absorption because of their high internal resistance (several hundred mΩ to a hundred Ω) compared to aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Thus, its main use would be similar to that of secondary battery such as power back-up in DC circuit. The following list shows the characteristics of supercapacitors as compared to aluminum electrolytic capacitors for power back-up and secondary batteries.
   (*1) Aluminum electrolytic capacitors and supercapacitors have limited lifetime. However, when used under proper conditions, both can operate within a predetermined lifetime
(*2) There is no harm as it is a mere leak of water vapor which transitioned from water contained in the electrolyte (diluted sulfuric acid). However, application of abnormal voltage surge exceeding maximum operating voltage may result in leakage and explosion.

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