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Screw Terminal Aluminum Capacitors

   The Series of screw terminal capacitors features the high ripple currents and long-life characteristics and can operate at higher temperatures. They are suited for high reliability and long-life applications such as frequency converters, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, and switch mode power supplies (SMPS) but the extended temperature range allows increased ripple currents at lower temperatures.
• Compact size
• Long life, up to 9,000 hours at +105°C (VR, IR
• High ripple current
• Excellent surge voltage capability
• Optimized designs available upon request
The Series of screw terminal capacitors covers a wide range of case sizes and voltage ratings featuring high ripple currents and long-life performance.
  Typical applications for screw terminal capacitors include smoothing, energy storage or pulse operation in telecommunication demanding power supplies, process control, frequency inverters, drives, traction, welding, and measuring.
Environmental Compliance
     All Part Numbers are Reach and RoHS compliant and Halogen-Free. In Europe (RoHS Directive) and in some other geographical areas such as China, legislation has been put in place to prevent the use of some hazardous materials, such as lead (Pb), in electronic equipment. All products in this catalog are produced to help our customers' obligations to guarantee their products and fulfill these legislative requirements. The only material of
concern in our products has been lead (Pb), which has been removed from all designs to fulfill the requirement of containing less than 0.1% of lead in any omogeneous material.
Performance Characteristics

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